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In India, the Education Minister has called upon all universities to offer astrology courses, offering them each five extra places for teaching and support personnel, and he has demanded that all high schools teach Vedic mathematics and astrology. Nevertheless, the revival of a debate over astrology in France—the home of the rationalist thought of Descartes—has an especial significance.

Astrology has had a difficult time in France for the past three centuries. The categorisation of genuine sciences and the development of an Encyclopaedia of human knowledge was a principal task of the Enlightenment, which permeated the thinking of an emerging French bourgeoisie, and which was to play such a major role in the French Revolution of Following the trial 12 years later of the mystic and poisoner Voisin, a monarchical degree was passed which threatened to punish practising soothsayers with banishment.

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Now nearly three and a half centuries later, soothsaying has been rehabilitated at the Sorbonne. It is significant that Teissier regards her thesis as a contribution towards the comprehension of astrology in a post-modern society. Postmodernist thought, as it has developed over the past three decades, is characterised by a radical relativism that denies objective truth and evinces a scepticism towards all theories aimed at providing a general explanation of the world.

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For the postmodernists the scientific study of reality is reduced to the exchange of mere discourses, or stories , whereby religion, forms of mysticism or even astrology can be afforded equal rank—indeed prioritised over scientific disciplines. An empirical examination of many of the leading figures in postmodernist thought reveals their participation at some time in Stalinist or other organisations of the radical left. In his biography of the prominent French philosopher and postmodernist Michel Foucault , The Passion of Michel Foucault , author James Miller describes how the French academic establishment sought to defuse the radicalism of the movement by offering its leading lights top positions in colleges and universities.

After the events of —when France was gripped by a general strike and President de Gaulle was set to flee the country—and the betrayal and subsequent discrediting of the French Communist Party, a certain division of labour took place in French academic circles with the emergence of an openly right-wing, anti-socialist movement of ideologues and thinkers, the New Philosophers. Scorpio sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

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    Taurus is quite a stable sign. Taurus people are clam and placid. They have firm opinions and quite stubborn as well. The relation between two Taurus people will have very fair chances of being highly compatible as they both are having common basic traits which is why they will understand each other well. They both will appreciate the other when he will take much time to take a decision and will not criticize for the slow approach as any fire-sign will certainly do.

    Both will be comfort —loving and home-loving. Over the last few weeks, fueled by fresh revelations -- like Ms. Teissier's having referred to Max Weber, one of sociology's founders, as a ''pragmatic Taurus'' -- the debate has only gathered steam, pitting sociologists who insist that the case concerns a thesis that fails to meet minimum academic standards against those who argue that the real target isn't Ms.

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    Teissier but a maverick strain of sociology that has failed to win establishment approval. By now, most of the major French newspapers have published opinion pieces. More than sociologists have signed a petition asking the president of the Sorbonne to make an independent evaluation of the case. And the French Association of Scientific Information has assigned a group of scientists and social scientists to review the thesis.

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    They hope to release their report within the next two weeks. On the advice of her academic advisers, Ms. Teissier has decided not to speak to reporters, at least until she receives her diploma later this summer. But her supporters contend that her thesis, whatever its faults, is the casualty of a larger conflict within the discipline over methodology. Or, to put it another way, between positivists who rely on quantitative techniques and objective measures when assessing social life and phenomenologists who attach greater importance to subjective experience and emotion.

    Writing in Le Figaro earlier this week, Judith Lazar, a lecturer in sociology at a University of Paris branch campus, complained that Ms.


    Teissier was the victim of a witch hunt. Noting that most of her critics hadn't even read the thesis, Ms. Lazar said: ''Wouldn't it be braver to admit that what we're really after isn't the author of this thesis because what harm can this woman do to sociology?

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    Indeed, on many occasions, this professor has expressed his differences with a discipline mired in old-fashioned academicism and has not hesitated to defend original subjects in order to bring a little fresh air into a moribund sociology.