Aspects of planets in astrology

Its effects vary depending on the nature of the planets involved. The conjunction is the easiest aspect to note in a chart as the planets are unusually in the same sign, although planets can be conjunct if one planet is at the end of a sign 28 degrees and the other at the beginning of the next sign 3 degrees.

The Semi-Sextile 30 degrees: Any two or more planets that form a 30 degree angle with each other are semi-sextile. This aspect allows a 2 degree orb or variance on either side of the 30 degree angle.

A Super Easy Explanation of Astrological Aspects

The effects are usually favorable, but the planets involved should be considered. The Sextile 60 degrees: Any two or more planets that form a 60 degree angle with each other with an allowable orb of 6 degrees are Sextile. This is one of the most beneficial aspects as planets are usually in elementally compatible signs to one another.

This aspect usually represents opportunity and talents that are well utilized. The Square 90 degrees: Any two or more planets that form a 90 degree angle with each other with an allowable orb of 6 degrees are Square.

When Planets Are Across the Zodiac Wheel

The Square is a major aspect and usually the most potent aspect after the conjunction. The square can be difficult; however, if overcome, the results can prove to be quite beneficial in time and with patience. The Trine degrees: Any two or more planets that form a degree angle with each other with an allowable orb of 6 degrees are in Trine aspect.

The trine usually occurs between signs of the same element Water, Earth, Air and Fire however, it is possible for a trine to be formed between incompatible signs. The trine is a harmonious aspect and can show great talent or opportunity when the person is motivated. Planets are Inconjunct when they are degrees apart with an allowable orb of 3 degrees. The two signs involved are almost always of a different element. This is a minor aspect, but somewhat difficult in nature and is often related to ill health, stress and adjustments.

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As with the Square aspects, the Inconjunct can also prove beneficial when utilized positively and can provide diverse talents and creative potential. The Opposition Degrees: The Opposition, as its name describes relates to two planets that are directly opposite one another with an allowable orb of 6 degrees.

The opposition is the most powerful aspects after the conjunction and square. This aspect produces difficulties and creates tension that must be reconciled, thereby increasing the range of possibilities. With the exception of the Inconjunct, when the Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in aspect, an 8 degree orb distance is allowed. Astrologers often differ in their usage of allowable orbs, although usually not by more than 2 degrees.

Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. Planets in conjunction work together, and intensify each other. Together, their energies are focused and blended together. If the planets are compatible with each other, there can be great potential here.

Otherwise, if they are conflicting - like Saturn and Neptune , the aspect can create disharmony.

What Does “Aspect” Even Mean In Astrology?

Planets that have a sextile planetary aspect have a relationship that allows concepts and ideas to flow easily between them. The energies within the planets tend to collaborate and work well together. The square planetary aspect creates restrictions and obstacles. Because of the conflicts present, the planets push each other to integrate and thus grow. This can be difficult, leading to frustration and annoyance during the process.

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There are many changes that need to be made, but the end result helps the individual develop. The trine planetary aspect is considered one of the most lucky. Energy flows between planets seamlessly - meaning that sometimes this aspect can be associated with laziness.

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Opportunities and talents seem to be plenty - meaning sometimes they are taken for granted and even ignored. Planets with the opposition planetary aspect have deep tension. This manifests in the individual as a kind of duality - where one side of them must cooperate and give something up or else break. The energies of the planets in these aspects can end up being some of the core experiences of life. It can lead to frustration when not integrated, but through hard work, a balance of opposite feelings can be earned. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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