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Jupiter in Sagittarius Faith, optimism, and a yearning to explore all kinds of new horizons: these are some of the focal points in your life at this time. Travel, education, and other ways to stretch your horizons open new doors of opportunity. Religious, philosophical, and cultural matters are likely to have special appeal for you now; transmitting ideas on a broader scale brings gain.

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Creating a structure to empower and maintain your ideals and principles becomes a high priority, an article of faith. By taking on greater responsibilities of this kind, you become an inspiration to others. Ambition unlimited always ends in defeat. Saturn in Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life. And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things. Uranus in Aries A clean break with the past in some respects is signaled by the cycle you have just begun.

What YOU need, YOUR freedom and independence, shattering old molds: these are the things that energize you and take priority in your life. Uniqueness and originality set you apart. Uranus in Taurus Practicality and ingenuity combine as powerful drives in your life now that you have begun a new cycle. Taking innovative concepts and making them real and practical is your strong suit; getting stuck in the mud is to be avoided at all costs. Financial savvy, inventiveness, worldly genius. Moonrise and Moonset moments are corrected for Parallax and this correction gives better timings for the Eclipse sighting.

Unless Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance to Hindus and Hindus don't consider it for any religious activities. Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to Chandra Grahan should be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase then only it should be considered for religious activities.

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Most Hindu Calendars don't list Penumbral Eclipses. If Chandra Grahan is not visible in your city but it is visible some city near to that then you should not observe it. Precautions which are advised during Sutak should be taken only if Chandra Grahan is visible in your city. Chandra Grahan is considered even if the Moon is not visible due to cloudy weather or some other weather conditions. The banquet and exhibit area are completely sold out. Have any new registrants contact Dory Maxey, the room reservations manager at if they would like to stay at the Poco Diablo Resort.

We have a backup hotel which is the Los Abrigatos Resort which is five minutes from the Poco Diablo Resort conference center.

And here is info about my presentations in Sedona. Contact me if you wish to have a reading there. Here is the description for the pre-conference workshop that I am thrilled to present with Simon Chokoisky.

The Magic of Sanskrit for Vedic Astrologers. We will learn about the magic of Sanskrit sounds and words that make up the deeper meaning of the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras. Included will be the proper pronunciation of these concepts and becoming acquainted with all the different Sanskrit words for them especially the planets. We will look at how two words combine to form one, like vargottama, which consists of varga division or group and uttama highest or greatest , which literally means the highest division of a planet.

We will link the Hindu myths to the many manifestations of the planets and Simon will show how to pronounce mantras properly for maximum effect so you can enter the heart of Jyotisa through the sacred vibration of the Sanskrit language. Sample horoscopes will show how understanding Sanskrit roots enhance approach interpretation and forecasting, completing a fabulous introduction to the sacred language of India.

Annular Solar Eclipse of 12222 Dec 26

Take a look. Mercury Retrograde begins on Halloween. I don't know if it makes any difference that Mercury retrograde October November 20 begins on Halloween but it is an interesting fact.

About Lunar Eclipse Data

Hopefully it could simply mean that everyone is moving slower and we will be able to really take time to enjoy the festivities. Remember that some people feel that Mercury retrograde has already begun due to the shadow or retrograde arc period. This means that the date that Mercury enters that retrograde arc I prefer that term is the same degree where it will eventually station direct. The date that it leaves the retrograde arc, is the same degree in which Mercury stationed retrograde. Any planets, points or angles between those degrees will especially be affected, and if you do not have anything at those degrees or aspecting those degrees just look at the house in your chart where it falls.

If you do not know your chart and only know your Sun sign degree, you can also look at the house from that sign.

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I do not feel that it is already retrograde but that it indeed has started to slow down the flow of information, and it has already warned us that we must be very clear in our communications, since that really is what Mercury retrograde is all about. We cannot always control if our computers slow down, or if there is a lot of traffic and delays, but what we can do is just take deep breaths, call up patience, and really focus on what is most important and to choose our battles wisely. Ditto for signing contracts and any other important papers. Make sure you are clear, and you have asked all the questions you needed to.

Do not hesitate to ask for a re-wording of something, and just make sure you cover all your bases. It is always good to show the contract to someone who understands what it is about. What I am suggesting is something you should do all the time, but especially during periods of retrograde Mercury. Here are the dates and degrees below including the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction, which always occurs midway between the retrograde and direct stations when Mercury is closest to Earth. All times are in GMT. October 11, October 31, November 11, December 7, In This Issue.

Reminder about workshops and conference. Early Bird Deadline ends today. Mercury Retrograade.

I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or device and listen to it. You can pay below and I will email you for an appointment. November 26, Venus enters Capricorn.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

December 8, Venus and Mars retrograde this year. Mars will be in tropical Aries for six months. That is because of the retrograde Mars. What makes this election mo Aspects.

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