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Unfortunately this may have alienated you from your family and have you feeling like the black sheep of the family.

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You like eccentric partners and have a detached approach to dating. You get bored quickly in relationships, as your feelings can dissipate just as quickly as they appeared. You detest routine and monotony in your job and day to day life. You need a job that is stimulating, and allows for freedom and flexibility. You may tend to hop from job to job if bored and make decisions regarding your job impulsively. Watch your health as there can be a tendency of illnesses suddenly popping up out of the blue.

You need freedom and space in relationships.


On the flip side, you can be hasty in relationships especially during your youth , like marrying someone you just met quickly. You want a partner who will challenge and excite you, while pushing you to grow.

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There needs to be a foundation of friendship in your relationships. This is not a favorable position for business partnerships as the business is likely to be unstable, and the partner erratic. You are highly intuitive and fascinated by the occult. You are sexually adventurous and open-minded. You may unexpectedly gain money from others but can lose money just as spectacularly.

As a child you likely constantly questioned and rebelled against your parents and teachers, finding their philosophies outdated and stagnant. Even now you find people who are willingly ignorant and dogmatic maddening. You want to explore the world, visiting places off the beaten path and meeting new people.

You enjoy learning but your enthusiasm fluctuates, and you find traditional educational environments stifling; your pursuit of higher education is not likely to be linear or conventional you may even attend online classes. While you would do well in careers involving technology and the internet, any career you choose needs to be exciting and mentally stimulating.

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You may change your career goals frequently and out of the blue. While people are drawn to you due to your friendly nature, fitting in is not a priority for you.

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Your friendships can start at the most random times and quickly blossom; but you are generally a bit detached regarding who you associate with, having more acquaintances than close friends. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist.

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