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Get insight into your personality and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Are you two meant to be, or should you check out the other fish in the sea? Aquarius is a dim constellation in a barren patch of sky far off the plane of the Milky Way. Just east of Capricorn, it marks the 11th constellation of the zodiac. This ancient constellation was associated with water or water bearers since Babylonian times.

Some representations have the water bearer pouring water into a stream that leads to the bright star Fomalhaut, the mouth of the southern fishes Piscis Austrinus. Like Capricorn, Aquarius has far fewer deep-sky sights than Sagittarius.

But there are a handful of objects here of enduring interest including the famous Helix Nebula, one of the nearest planetary nebulae to Earth. The globular cluster M2 is the finest Messier object in Aquarius and a near-twin of the splendid globular M15 in Pegasus, to the north. The cluster was cataloged by Charles Messier in as he searched for a comet in the area, though it was observed earlier by other French astronomers.

Constellation Capricornus

M2 has about the same brightness as M15 and it lies at the same distance, about 33, light years. But the core of M2 is less condensed and easier to resolve in larger backyard telescopes. In a 4-inch scope at x, 6th-magnitude M2 is a dim, fuzzy ball. M2 also reveals a somewhat north-south oval shape at higher magnification under steady gaze.

An 8-inch or larger scope fully resolves the halo and some stars towards the core. South of those, you will see a string of stars that become increasingly bright to the southwest and lead directly to M2. The cluster is a distant 55, light years away, which partly accounts for its low brightness of magnitude 9.

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The stars are hard to resolve in a telescope with objectives less than 8-inches in diameter. Although a 4-inch scope at high magnification may reveal some granularity in the halo. The core appears somewhat diamond-shaped in a small scope. M72 is a fairly open globular cluster much like the more impressive and somewhat brighter and closer M71 in Sagitta.

Flaming and trolling? I dont know what you mean. No argument that the sun does have an effect on people. THis can be proven scientifically. Hell, it can be proven by my sunburns every summer. There is a large difference between the physical effects of sunlight, and the life changing events claimed by astrology. As I said, it is very simple to get the cash. Just show that it works. In this case there's a thin line between astrology, astronomy and anatomy, there are certain effects and phenomena that are scientifically proven, some mental effects are and can be proven scientifically, and some cannot be proven in any scientific way, so science should just keep its mouth shut until it actually discovers the scientific cause for a certain phenomenon.

In this case there's a thin line between astrology, astronomy and anatomy. No, there is a HUGE thick line between the former, and the latter two. The latter two are subject to intense scrutiny and evaluation using the scientific method. THeir hypotheses are changed, modified, and reevaluated over time. Astrology is none of that. If you want to convince someone that what they believe is wrong, calling their beliefs 'silly' is your first mistake. How you say things is as important as what you say, especially when it comes to emotive issues like personal beliefs.

Sites with names like that always disappoint me. The site isnt for people who already believe in astrology- it's probably too late for them. It is a resource for sceptical and open minded people who want a resource to educate those who aren't sure about the subject. Since belief is first and foremost based on personal experience and feeling, it is damn near impossible to shake people from it.

Anyway, if you can struggle past the site name you may be intrigued by the information it contains. Not really an answer, just an interesting point I think, called the Birthday Paradox. Yes, I was open to something like that, but what I mean, is not the same birthdays, but also close around, most people within three days before and after and then it thins out, whereas at other times there is nothing at all.

Same with appearing birthdays of my brothers time, with whom I had an especially good relation. And additionally few other days, that keep on appearing. And its not like a class, brought together from "outside", so to say, but friendship and working relations, thus on own account and choice, with other words, a personal energy pattern, and if not, those stay closer than others, thus become a part of my personal pattern, while others don't. I hear the same from others around them and very often.

In a way, I can imagine a certain relation to first "inputs" of unconscious experiences, that are dominant at that given time of year, like being more outwards, when born in a time of year, where you can be outside more often and enjoy a jolly good humour because of all the flowerings or so, while wintertime people may be more inwardly, to say it very roughly. But corresponding types that fill their own desires up for example with a cheerfull summer-child, while been born in a time of year, where everything gets more grey and dark, is as prominent.

Thus there is for example an equal to equal as well as a contrasting thing going on, and the summer-equals are quick in hugging each other and sharing, when they find out there is another experience, those are often misused for their kindness and start hiding with the years, but open up to equals easily , while some beginning of winter ones long for that warmth but more often seem to need a kind of challenge and are more sceptical to feel understood in their longing and closer to death-themes in life.

While those closer to beginning spring show a certain relaxed "it will all bloom again, don't worry, just use your time to find out about your inner balances in the meantime to start all over again"-mentality. Good psychologists seem to culminate there around me, as friends, not doctors, always ready to uplift, when depressed one way or another. It becomes more difficult if you add the other family' member's inputs to a newborn baby, but something is related to seasons nevertheless. Thats how I see some basics, and it does meet some descriptions from astrologers, in fact, since it once was a field of long observations.

Only some relatedness to farther planets make me wonder, although, why not, if you look closer to the way its all interwoven. Yet, there is a lot of rubbish piled up with the years, that its hard to say, which one still fits and which one not, and thus I remain rather sceptical, but not all over.

Modern Magick: Astrology For Dummies

But some basics, as explained before, may well have to be considered, because they cannot be just "counted" away, even if feelingless science wishes to do so. Humans are NOT machines, whatever they say. And a summerchild will mostly prefer open organic and creative examples, not safety walls. If I look at the people close to me there's no discernible pattern - one with a birthday a week behind mine in May, a couple in January, one in Feb, one in April, one in November.

Show me a statistical study of a few thousand people where 'close' is defined in some rigorous way and I'll accept it as more than coincidence. I don't think science is 'feelingless' - science just demands that any claims like these are subjected to rigorous testing. If anyone making these claims is willing to undergo fair testing AND accept the results, then science would be wrong not to consider them. We might not be machines, but that doesn't mean we can't be explained entirely by scientific means. I would add to the reasons they give for astrology's persistence though - probably even say a reason that is foremost when most ordinary people read their horoscopes: confirmation bias.

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I used to believe in astrology because it seems true when you read it! I'm a Taurean, and I am stubborn, house-proud, a lover of luxuries, stuck in my ways, slow to anger but homicidal when provoked etc etc. I ignored the bits about how I'm supposed to be easy-going, faithful, conventional and tenacious because, like most people, I latched onto the bits I already believed were true. Well, I am not interested in getting scientific confirmations or acceptance, but I could well write a book about it, with lots of examples and surprises.

It would surely be fun to have such ongoing observations in a more formal way as an individual can do, but so far, I have not heard about it, but would not mind attending actually.