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Thus we contacted Pandit Sairam ji to solve our marriage problem solution and he has surprised us in making it all happen with great perfection and satisfaction. Today we are a happy couple all because of him. Thank You pandit Sairam ji. So I was worried and asked for pandit Sairam ji's help! He did help me in getting the promotion at work and congeniality of my seniors.

I am grateful to you always. So I asked Pandit Sairam for his help in making me to meet the girl of my dreams.

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Now we are happily in a relationship and look forward to get married soon. It is all because of his blessings and patience. So I found Pandit Sairam ji's contact number and talked about it. Since his help and solution there is peace and happiness back. I am blessed and grateful for your advice and help.

I am always thankful to you. But I knew what to expect, so I did manage to avoid a few problems along the way. Please keep helping me out. He doesn't speak heavy stuff like many other astrologers you may have come across. He focuses on perfect and efficient work, and the best possible results. He doesn't believe in marketing himself to woo you into paying. Before meeting him, I had spent lots of money for finding solution to my problems, starting from the best Tarot readers to many famous Vedic astrologers of USA.

But, after getting his successful and reasonably-charged astrology solutions, I can now say that while with him, even one penny of your money is not wasted.

You will certainly get manifold return from the money and other resources you give to him. You also told me that I will get a chance to work with a well-known and large scale company, and yes! I got a good job offer from one of the best companies in usa in mid Aug and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions.

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I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be accurate. We went to a holy place, for this Puja. We then succeeded.

My heart fully thank to Pandit Siaram. I was having lots of problems with my girlfriend for 4 years, we were having a bad relationship in our lives, but after I met Pandit sairam through online I got solution to this problem, since then my relationship with my girlfriend is very good.

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With his support, we have seen a huge difference in these past few years. My family has gone from hopelessness to one of optimism, and we are now doing much better thanks to him. Yet, Sairam does not sugar coat anything, but always gives us practical and sincere advice. Not only has he helped us in the astrological aspect, but also as a humanitarian advisor and a trusted friend whom we can always call for anything.

I strongly believe that seeking Pandit Sairam help is by far more valuable for our time and money than anywhere else. Another year has come and gone and I am so truly happy that you are still in my life. You have always gone out of your way to help me and I truly appreciate it. I can't imagine how different my life would be if you were not in it. I have made it this far because of you and I will continue to thrive once I know you are there to guide me, and keep me at peace. I pray that we are closer this year to a cure for me.

I keep my hope and faith both in you and in my prayers. I am both grateful and thankful for you and your faith based gifts to help others. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I only wish there was something I could do in return for you to show my gratitude.

From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for everything Pandit Sairam. She is pretty and has a very good job.


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We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem dosha in her horoscope. We spent more than 2 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then we met Pandi Sairam. Within six months of consulting him, we found excellent alliances for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled. My sister and I were still students. Through the grace of God, we met Pandit Sairam.

After that we continued to steadily improve. I am starting to embrace our prior friendship and am coming to terms with the fact that youth is a phase which we won't return to so it's important to say that something happened to me but I still got through it and I was really touched by your response. Thank you, Sairam! Astrologer sairam really proved like a Godly figure to me when I contacted him for my problem.

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I wanted to go for Vashikaran of a dear friend of mine and after contacting astrologer sairam, that friend really came back to me. Astrologer sairam is indeed a gem of a person one can ever contact. I was having lots of problems with my Girlfriend of 2 years. He kept threatening to leave me and move to Canada for good.

Within 4 weeks my girlfriend changed his mind and decided to stay with me! We are now very much in love and are much closer. I would like to thanks Panditsairam Astrologer. I obtained a task from one of the most effective companies in our industry in January and now I am working successfully with them. My husband and me were on the verge of getting separated. You take the time and really commit to making sure you get the best possible results for the situation. Anytime that i have needed to talk to you about my situation with the guy you always answered me back until i felt better about it.

They really do work you take the time into it for it to really get results.. Thanks a lot". I feel like we are old friends and that you will be there whenever I need you. I know he is my soul mate. Your love spells are so very strong and real, I know for I have proof. God Bless you.

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After your spell he changed completely. He forgot all his fears about his children. Thank you PanditSairam. He finally asked me out yesterday. He said that he wanted me back in his life and that it feels right among so many other things that I just could not even fathom.

You are amazing!!!

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He has the sympathetic mind and a beautiful love-filled heart that exudes compassion and understanding in every manner. He was so accurate in his readings and I can easily say that everything he said just kept coming true as it is! I was initially bewildered and appalled, but more impressed by his assistance. I was pleasantly surprised and also awed by the easy demeanor with which he guided me along. Trusting him was the most prudent decision of my life and I feel proud of it in every way.