March 6 astrological sign

Having a personality that tends toward favoring nostalgia a typical Cancer trait , you love telling stories and hearing them. If your birthday is on the Cancer side, you're a little more outgoing and willing to share your gifts and creativity with the world.

March 6 Birthday Astrology

You're probably not as shy as a typical Cancer, and you are eager to share your thoughts and feelings with the world at large. If your birthday falls on the Leo side, you're a little more reserved than other Leos and are probably more comfortable nurturing the creativity in others. Everything you say and do passes through a filter of self-criticism.

You aren't insecure; you're just precise. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your perfectionist characteristics have been lightened up a bit by the silliness of Leo traits, and you're more likely to be more playful and less serious. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your logical perfectionism is softened by a dreamy romanticism.

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If your sun is on the Libra side, you'll be more discerning about the kind of people you invite into your life, and you may have a bit of a judgmental streak in you. You're likely to be a strict enforcer because of your Libran desire for everything to be fair in your life. If your birthday is on the Libra side, you combine your Libran ability to look at every side of a situation with the Scorpio's ability to get down to the bottom of what motivates people.

However, you may be in denial about everything you know since Libras want to think the best of others. If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, you're more of an idealist than a typical Scorpio, a sign that is more skeptical of others. You feel things on an incredibly deep level but also have the ability to look on the bright side. Your friends and family would be the first to attest to your kind-hearted, generous nature. There have been numerous times where you willingly sacrifice your time or resources for the well-being of another.

What March 6's New Moon In Pisces, Mercury Retrograde Means For You

Even more impressive is the fact that your selfless kindness is not solely reserved for loved ones, but strangers alike. In all aspects of life, you display sensitivity and emotional awareness.

March 6th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

Your connection with water becomes obvious when your fluid and adaptable communication is concerned. In many ways, your words take on the qualities of free-flowing water.

Pisces personality traits and qualities

Uranus is the planet of technology, and for the past eight years of Uranus being in independent Aries, we saw the rise of selfies and social media influencers. With Uranus in Taurus, we will be coming back down to earth, opting for a more tactical approach to technology as we become more critically aware of the physical implications of phone and Internet addiction.

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Inventions in fashion, food, and art will serve a practical purpose in the years to come. Aries season begins on Wednesday, March 20 : Finally, the spring equinox. As the sun leaves Pisces for Aries, winter becomes spring in the Northern hemisphere and new life begins.

While the sun is in Aries, putting yourself first has its advantages, like praise and recognition for originality. However, just a few hours after Aries season kicks off, there is a full moon in the opposite sign, Libra, which characteristically puts others first.

They’re More Likely To Be CEOs Than Those Born In Other Months

With a full moon in Libra on Wednesday, March 20 , we seek a balance between our personal independence and our need for companionship. Similar to the new moon we had earlier this month, this full moon will also square off with expansive Jupiter, pushing us to make a change that allows for interpersonal growth. Unlike the intuitive new beginnings of the new moon, we can see and choose exactly who will be coming along with us on our journey to self-actualization under the gorgeous light of the Libra full moon.

After a much-needed blurry period of confusion, miscommunications, faulty directions, and technical malfunctions, Mercury retrograde ends on Thursday, March 28 — however, it will still be in its shadow until April Learn to love retrogrades. This month we will have a necessary break from making sense. After spending all month lazily grazing and doing things at our own comfortable pace, action planet Mars leaves patient Taurus for fast-talking Gemini on Sunday, March 31 , where she will buckle down and walk how she talks.

This is a gentle push to help us wrap up work at the end of the month as we break into April with a new source of motivation. Read your full March horoscope here.

What Your Sign's March Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Are you hanging out with people you can have fun with or are you just in it for the status? With a renewed lease on your trust for others, you can enjoy yourself that much more. Set intentions to make space for a deep and trusting connection to attract the relationship of your dreams. Working on yourself and maintaining your mental facilities helps you improve at sharing your gifts with the world.