Astrological ages and religion

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Astrological age

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Abstract This article describes the discipline of astrology as an example of manifold interreligious contacts and transfers in the Middle Ages. Sections Abstract. Content Metrics.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. So the Piscean Age, which began sometime around the beginning of the common era 0 c.

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It would be a mistake to say that Pisces itself is connected with religion specifically, because there is this image with Pisces of two fish swimming in opposite directions. At its best, Pisces works to integrate the spiritual life Neptune with the intellectual beliefs of Jupiter and in doing so one often obscures the other. The Piscean Age oversaw the greatest expansion of one religion that the world had ever known; it has also been the age of ignorance and deception negative Pisces traits , during which religious fervor obscured a 2, year history of war and abuse by various religious establishments around the world.

The concept of fish factors prominently in the stories of Christianity, with Jesus as a fisher of men, converting loaves into fish, teaching men to fish. But the Piscean Age also brought about a surge of mysticism and spiritual exploration of various kinds.

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Every major religion had its mystical branches, even the Roman Church in which such practices were banned in public but practiced in secret. The idea that one can have a direct individual connection to the Divine violates the basic laws of the Church which required the intercession of the priestly class.

The Aquarian age is likely to be a very different story. Aquarius also has a double rulership: Saturn is the traditional ruler and Uranus is the modern ruler, and never two did two different planets share a bed. Saturn presides over structure and form and the status quo, and Uranus is dedicated to shattering the status quo and creating a New World Order where everyone is free and rational.

Because Saturn tends to be rather rigid it is often associated with the rigidity of religious doctrine, but Uranus is the planet of science and reason, neither of which are typically very supportive of religion. There is no doubt that the presence of religion in our lives is changing, especially in the United States which, with Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising and Jupiter conjunct the Sun in the national chart is exceptionally tied to religious dogma. Neopagan and WIccan cults have gone almost mainstream. The study of yoga has brought eastern religions into western thought.

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world , followed closely by Bahai and Sikhism.

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Will this proliferation of new religion and faiths mean an increase of peace and understanding, or continued religious warfare? The choice is up to humanity and only time will tell. This blog has moved to Patheos, please join me there.