Daily tarot january 1 2020

Which makes perfect sense as Aquarius rules detachment innovation inventions pioneering. This is the ancient rulerships where each planet except for the SUN and Moon- which rule Leo and Cancer respectively- rules a masculine and a feminine sign.

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That was much more balanced than modern rulerships. We are all born of woman into this physical plane from spirit.

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Saturn governs the 3-D earth plane. They are the warrioress goddesses and wise women. May they rise again to be the true and most honored leaders in the world. We will need to stringently cut-back on budgets with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules the knees and the skeletal system. Things are all biz in Capricorn you must sweat and pay your dues. The government crackdowns may get stiffer and stiffer.

Saturn will give those in power hard lessons as well. Brexit is a very Saturnine energy. Slovakia January 1st, Bratislava. Chairman Mao Dec. Patti Smith Dec. Elvis Jan 8 Kate Middleton Jan 9 It is the right time to forget about the tensions of the past years in this area. You can analyze the mistakes you have done in the past and take necessary corrective actions.

Single persons will be driven by planetary influences to look for love partners. The desire for settling down with a mate will be dominant. With all your grace and charm you will not have any problem in attracting suitable partners.

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Above all, you will be motivated by genuine love rather than passion in your relationships. For persons who are already committed to a partner in love, it is but natural to convert that into a marriage. As a consequence, you will have a blessed and divine relationship. Married couples can look forward to the arrival of a new one during the year. Astrological predictions for Taurus personality regarding family guarantee a happy and pleasant year Though there may be some friction during the first half of the year between family members, the second half portends to be harmonious.

You will have a more social presence, and you tend to indulge in community service. This year Taurus persons will be playing a stellar role in the family. You will have to play the part of a leader in the family environment. As a result, members of the family will seek your advice and guidance on important matters.

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Do not hesitate to take the lead and give proper instructions. Sometimes you have to act tough with the members, and however, this will be in the interest of the family as a whole. If there is a problem between family members, this can sort out with a touch of diplomacy and pleasant communication. If you are impartial and sensible, all the crises can overcome without much difficulty.

Negative aspects of Jupiter may create problems for children in the fields of education and health during the initial months of the year.

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In contrast, the second quarter from April will be more promising. The year for Taurus professionals will be reasonably encouraging due to the planetary aspects. You should be careful about your colleagues who may create unnecessary obstacles in the completion of your projects. However, you can accomplish your objectives by diligence and perseverance. You have to make sure that your doggedness will not leave any unpleasantness in your professional life. The moon is in your opposite sign Scorpio, and your focus is on relationships.

Deep, intimate conversations about your beliefs come up today. The moon is in private water sign Scorpio today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your home and family.

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Your focus is on money today, Libra, thanks to the moon in Scorpio. On a deeper level, this is an important time to reflect on your feelings concerning security and self-worth.


Important information comes your way today, Scorpio, thanks to the moon's connection with your ruling planet Pluto. The moon is in your sign, too, so make time to sit with your feelings. A new year is here, but you need to take it slow, Sagittarius!